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Risk analyses in the company

Case studies

Here you will find real-life examples how companies from a wide range of industries successfully implement and utilise risk analysis.

The case studies provide insights into risk assessment and mitigation practices and strategies, and illustrate how effective risk analysis can help increase resilience and optimise decision-making processes.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk aggregation for PS 340 and StaRUG

Fulfil the requirements for risk assessment, risk aggregation and reporting with Risk Kit.

The model template is included in Risk Kit.

Cyber Risks

Attacks, errors and risk clusters

Companies are exposed to a variety of cyber risks that are triggered by external attacks as well as internal operational problems.

The film shows how cyber risks are broken down into their influencing factors, how the factors are characterised and how the risks can be assessed. The large number of risks is aggregated into clusters so that they can be reported and further processed in other areas of enterprise risk management.

The model template is included in Risk Kit (from version 7.17).

Human resources risks in numbers

Pandemics, superspreader events and business interruptions

Flu epidemics, regional epidemics of infectious diseases and global pandemics have become one of the most important personnel risks.

The film goes through the assessment of this risk step by step, uses a Monte Carlo simulation to determine the probability of occurrence and duration of business interruptions and shows how packages of measures against epidemics can be put together effectively.

The model template is included in Risk Kit.

So test he who binds himself forever

Making selection decisions

Not everything that is done often is also promising. And it's good to know your goal, because every goal has its own recipe for success.

Simulation allows us to test strategies in advance. This approach can also be used for mergers & acquisitions, job hunting, buying a house, purchasing art and much more.

The model template is included in Risk Kit.

Poly crisis or operational blindness?

Exceeding a 3-point distribution is not a black swan

Three-point distributions such as triangular, Pert or multinomial distributions are easy to explain and therefore popular, but their impact is always limited. This can blind risk management to the actual magnitude of risks in severe crises.

As an answer to this question, the film shows how upwardly unlimited risks can be modelled just as easily as with the old three-point distributions.

The Achilles heel of enterprise risk management

Better expert assessments

Experts need access to distributions that is simple and flexible. 

The film shows how you can reliably estimate risks with the Enterprise Risk Evaluator and Risk Kit.

How do I build a model? - Part 1

The class trip

We show how Monte Carlo simulation can be used to answer questions where intuition and mental arithmetic do not lead directly to the goal and how measures can be formulated and prioritised to improve the result.

The model template is included in Risk Kit.


How do I build a model? - Part 2

The rescue mission

We show how a simulation can be set up and analysed in several stages in order to evaluate and design a service level agreement.

The model template is included in Risk Kit.


How do I build a model? - Part 3

The grassroots insurance

We show what effect diversification of risks has and how you can not only manage many risks with one measure, but also massively influence the distribution of risk at no cost.

The model template is included in Risk Kit.