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Enterprise Risk Evaluator

Accurate assessments - good decisions

The Enterprise Risk Evaluator combines a simple workflow with flexible risk evaluation. Your risk experts can directly enter risks in a new, intuitive language or collect key data on risks and evaluate the risks with the system. 

With the Enterprise Risk Evaluator, you manage your company in a valid and transparent way and comply with the legal regulations of PS 340, StaRUG, KontraG and AktG. So that you can concentrate on your core business: Leading your company safely and successfully into the future.

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  • A single platform for risk management, risk aggregation, risk assessment and risk-bearing capacity of corporate risks
  • Flexible: use on-premise or as software as a service
  • Easy participation of your staff and experts in the risk management process
  • Understandable language and intuitive graphics for assessing risks, communicating analysis results and taking action
  • Ready-to-use reports for presentation at any level of the organisation
  • Centralised report archive for long-term documentation
  • Practical linking of all analyses with your data for transparent argumentation
  • Holistic assessment of risks: financial and quantitative, if required additionally with their impact on reputation, health and safety, environment, strategy and much more.
  • Support of the assessment by your risk experts with guiding questions, checklists and preliminary risks as well as comparative data and rough calculations
  • Review of risk-bearing capacity according to liquidity and over-indebtedness at any number of levels: for early recognition of risk factors and timely reaction
  • Zoom into all areas of the business without the need for additional analysis
  • Increase productivity - your team and you gain time and resources

Highlight Features

Simple and intuitive risk recording:

Easy-to-understand language and self-explanatory graphics make it easy to assess risks, communicate analysis results and translate them into action.

Risk-bearing capacity - real early warning:

Analyse the risk-bearing capacity for each group company. Distinguish between liquidity and debt. Build in upstream risk limits. Expose the company to critical stress tests.

With ERE you can see the financial and temporal room for manoeuvre you have to react to the risks in an emergency. Find the units and risks with the greatest burden on risk-bearing capacity.

Trend analyses:

How has the risk developed over time and why? What effect do the measures have? Why is the stress scenario a problem?

See and report trends in risk-bearing capacity, units and risks.

The cloud for your risk management solution

Always online. Available from everywhere. Fully scalable. And secure!

With the Enterprise Risk Evaluator, you can completely record, evaluate, analyse and control your corporate risks - and you fulfil all legal requirements. In addition, you have the freedom to choose how you want to access your data. Because we offer our solutions on-premises or in the cloud, as you wish. After all, with Wehrspohn Risk Management you are not only in the best hands when it comes to products, but also when it comes to service!

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