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Good risk management begins with competent advice

As risk managers, we are aware of your tasks and challenges and are there for you - whether it is a matter of making your company fit for the audit of the early risk detection system by the auditors or simply about securing your company's success in the long term and sustainably.

Development and implementation of a risk management strategy

With the experience of around two decades, we ensure that you know the risks of your company, can assess them correctly and act accordingly.

  • Formulation of the risk strategy
  • Integration of the technical platform and design of the risk management process
  • Practical implementation of risk management in the form of assessments and analyses

Support for economic questions

We know your challenges and facilitate your risk management process through mathematical and technical expertise.

  • Survey of risks, identification of hotspots and prioritisation.
  • Development, improvement and validation of aggregation models
  • Statistical data analysis and conception of control methods

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