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Management of company-wide risks

Risk Evaluator

Different risk fields are not uniform. They require custom-fit risk measurement methods, special data streams, have their own measurement bases and are often even the responsibility of different teams.

Our Risk Evaluators combine specialisation and integration. Enterprise Risk Evaluator provides a comprehensive solution for the enterprise risk management process, aggregating all risk types of the organisation, assessing the risk-bearing capacity of the firm, and generating and managing reports to all stakeholders.

Market and Credit Risk Evaluator cover the specific but often essential application areas of enterprise-wide market and credit risk management.

The systems can be coordinated with each other or used individually. 

Enterprise Risk Evaluator

  • Fulfils the legal requirements of PS 340, StaRUG, KontraG and AktG.
  • Holistic risk management: mapping of both the normative and the economic side
  • Independence from IT through SaaS - we guide you through the entire process

Credit Risk Evaluator

  • Assessment of risks and returns at client, segment and portfolio level
  • 7 complete credit risk models incl. benchmark option - to show strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio
  • State of the art in automation, performance and user friendliness in credit portfolio risk management

Market Risk Evaluator

  • Unburden your team through fully automated analyses and reports
  • Different models incl. benchmark possibility to react to current market situations in the best possible way
  • Consolidated market data, scenario analyses and validation in one tool