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More success with practical seminars!

Qualitative? Quantitative? And what does Monte Carlo have to do with corporate risk? Admittedly, some risk management terms are not exactly self-explanatory. In our seminars we make you fit for all questions around risk management.

Our focus topics

  • Monte Carlo simulations as a method
  • Establishment of a risk management process, calibration of expert assessments and reporting
  • Quantitative risk analyses with Risk Kit
  • ERM with the Enterprise Risk Evaluator

Our seminars and webinars

Date and place
19 April 2024, 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:30

The seminar introduces the method of Monte Carlo simulation with Risk Kit 8. The structure of a model, the execution of the simulation, the results and their interpretation are explained step by step.

Clear distributions: With Risk Kit 8, you always have the most important distributions in view and can customise them to your risk factors.
Efficient model management: Manage your models in one dialogue, including all risk factors and results.
Easy copying: Transfer risks to the Enterprise Risk Evaluator with just one click for unprecedented efficiency.
Comparison and analysis: Results of different simulations, scenario analyses and stress tests are available for direct comparison.
Data storage: Save all your simulation results and random numbers with the models.
Collaboration: Share your results within the company and work together in a completely new way. Even colleagues without their own licence can access and evaluate the results.

Additional focus

You will learn the following aspects in this seminar:

  • What Monte-Carlo simulation is and why it is a breakthrough for risk analysis.
  • How I can avoid rough expert assessments with Monte-Carlo simulation.
  • Which distributions I should know as a risk manager.
  • For which risk I use which distribution.
  • How I aggregate risks.
  • How I meet regulatory requirements such as PS 340 with Risk Kit.
  • How to deal with results: graphs, statistics, rankings.
  • How I create reusable reports.

In particular, we address the topics and questions of the participants in the seminar.

Target group
Beginners and advanced users of quantitative methods, risk managers, treasurers, controllers, project leaders and project managers, risk owners, auditors, quality managers and members of management and supervisory boards.

Documentation and licence
All participants will receive a Professional Licence for Risk Kit valid for one month, a pre-release of the software as well as comprehensive documentation in electronic form.

Dr. Uwe Wehrspohn

Participation fee
The participation fee is 950,- € plus 19% VAT.

Note that the seminar will be held in German.


Seminar registration

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