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Less uncertainty. More control.

Risk Kit

Complete risk management made easy in Excel

Every complex decision is associated with risks and uncertainties. The clearer you can identify the decisive factors, the better you can reduce risks, take advantage of opportunities and increase the achievement of goals. 

That is why we at Wehrspohn have developed Risk Kit. An add-in for Microsoft Excel to turn your calculations into risk analyses in simple steps.

You work in your familiar environment: Simply enter the data, select the distribution and generate key figures, graphs and complete reports instantly with one click.
Case studies, explanatory videos and common templates help you with your work.

Put an end to guesswork - take control! Risk Kit creates transparency and planning security - at a very affordable price!

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Highlight Features

Monte Carlo simulation in just a few clicks

With Risk Kit, Monte Carlo simulation is not a book with seven seals, but is available in the familiar place in Excel in ready-made functions. Distributions, graphics and statistics are selected with a mouse click and the simulation is started with one click.

Specific graphics for risk management

A number of graphic types are used exclusively in risk management: Risk maps, histograms, Sensi graphics and many more. Risk Kit offers them all. Interactive and configurable.

We support experts

In risk management, many applications cannot do without expert assessments.

Risk Kit offers distributions in a form that is understandable for experts so that they can determine the parameters well.

An automatic calibration can be used as an aid and benchmark.

Access to investment risks

Your company is not a bank, but has financial and investment risks in treasury, projects and long-term planning.

Risk Kit provides you with models for exchange rates, interest rates, commodities and other financial data with calibration, simulation and evaluation.

The Risk Kit Data extension even connects you to the ECB and the FED to get current price histories as input data from the markets.

Risk Kit and Risk Kit Data come with detailed case studies that illustrate possible courses of action from A to Z.

Free extension for statistical analyses

Risk Kit R

  • Easily display sophisticated statistical analyses in Microsoft Excel
  • Supports numerous data types of the programming language R
  • With extra functions for automated calculations

Free extension for financial data and social statistics

Risk Kit Data

  • Provides access to financial data and social statistics from various sources, including European Central Bank ECB data.
  • Dynamically link and automatically update data with your Excel models
  • User-friendly interface

Application examples

Would you like to get to know the numerous functions of Risk Kit better? We have put together some application examples in clear videos for you. Click here and experience Risk Kit in action!

To the application examples

Versions + scope of functions

 Risk Kit Light1Risk Kit Professional + Academic2Risk Kit Enterprise
Max. simulation runs5000Unlimited3Unlimited3
Multidimensional distributions11010
Results statistics
Rating procedures 
Interest rate functions 
Risk Kit R 
Risk Kit Data 
Use as calculation core without Excel 
Free transferability of the licence between computers  
Prices + LicencesRequest free of charge1Professional + Academic2Enterprise

1 As Risk Kit Light with a free 30-day commercial licence for working with Excel. The licence can be renewed online as often as desired. It makes modern technology available in every context and for everyone.

2 The "Academic Licenses" for use in universities and educational institutions are provided free of charge.

3 The number of simulation runs are technically limited to 2,147,483,647. However, the actual maximum number depends on the computing capacity and is usually limited by the available working and virtual memory.

Prices per Year

 1 additional concurrent userTotal network licence
11.500 €1.500 €
21.350 €2.850 €
31.200 €4.050 €
41.050€5.100 €
5900 €6.000 €
6750 €6.750 €
7600 €7.350 €
8450 €7.800 €
9400 €8.200 €
10400 €8.600 €

 1 additional single-user licenceTotal single-user licences
1825 €825 €
2800 €1.625 €
3775 €2.400 €
4750 €3.150 €
5725 €3.875 €
6700 €4.575 €
7675 €5.250 €
8650 €5.900 €
9625 €6.250 €
10600 €7.125 €

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