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Modern risk management

Your risk? Our task!

No matter whether for larger or smaller companies: Risk management is not only a rather unpopular topic for most, it is also becoming increasingly complex. This is because very often a qualitative assessment is no longer sufficient - quantitative methods are increasingly in demand. These are required, for example, by the IDW Auditing Standard 340 n. F.. Quantitative risk analyses are time-consuming, however, and require a certain amount of knowledge to achieve reliable results.

But don't panic: This is exactly what we offer you - for more than two decades! With Wehrspohn Risk Management you secure the all-round carefree package for the complete risk management process. As we are risk managers ourselves, we know exactly what your requirements are and offer you valuable support - from consulting on an equal footing to easy-to-use software and suitable training. Risk management from a single source, that is!

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Our tool kit for Monte Carlo simulations and risk analyses

Risk Kit brings the technology and methods of modern risk management to life in Microsoft Excel and other test and production environments.

  • Monte Carlo simulations, calibration, reporting - easy integration in Excel without programming knowledge
  • Functions tailored to your requirements as a risk manager
  • Cost-effective, flexible, easy to install, intuitive to use

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Free extension for statistical analyses

Risk Kit R

Risk Kit R

  • Easily perform sophisticated statistical analyses in Microsoft Excel
  • Can be used in combination with Risk Kit
  • With extra functions for automated calculations

Free extension for financial data and social statistics

Risk Kit Data

Risk Kit Data

  • Provides access to financial data and social statistics from various sources, including the European Central Bank ECB data.
  • Dynamically connect and automatically update data with your Excel models
  • User-friendly interface

Simple management of company-wide risks

Risk Evaluator

[Translate to English:] Enterprise Risk Evaluator

Enterprise Risk Evaluator

The Enterprise Risk Evaluator is the platform for the complete recording, evaluation, analysis and control of enterprise risks.

  • Meets the legal requirements of PS 340, StaRUG, KontraG and AktG
  • Holistic risk management: mapping both the normative and the economic side
  • Independence from IT through SaaS - we guide you through the entire process
[Translate to English:] Credit Risk Evaluator

Credit Risk Evaluator

The Credit Risk Evaluator offers more transparency in bank-wide credit risks and sets new standards in risk and return analysis.

  • Evaluation of risks and returns at client, segment and portfolio level.
  • 7 complete credit models incl. benchmark possibility - to show strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio
  • State of the art in automation, performance and user-friendliness in credit portfolio risk management
[Translate to English:] Market Risk Evaluator

Market Risk Evaluator

With the Market Risk Evaluator, you cover the complete market risk management process and also fulfil the regulatory requirements.

  • Relief for your team through fully automated analyses and reports
  • Different models incl. benchmark possibility to react to current market situations in the best possible way
  • Consolidated market data, scenario analyses and validation in one tool