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Risk Kit R Features

Risk Kit R is a new toolbar in Excel that allows you to pass matrices and data frames to R, evaluate R expressions and output the results to Excel. Use the sample workbooks to get started with Risk Kit R. The online help guides you through the user interface, cell functions and the COM server.

The COM Server makes it possible to use R in VBA in Excel. This way you can create macros and complex functions that use R.

You can integrate Risk Kit R into environments other than Excel and thus work with R from C#, Visual Basic, C++ and other .NET languages.

Evaluate R expressions and get the results directly in Excel.

Risk Kit R offers cell functions for two-way data exchange between workbooks and R, for evaluating expressions in R, for defining your own R functions and much more. These functions allow you to connect R to your Risk Kit models in Excel and to extend Risk Kit with statistical analyses using R.

Risk Kit R can be used in combination with Risk Kit in Monte Carlo simulations. This way you can perform statistical calculations with R during the simulation.